Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Doctrine of Deciet Pt. 2

It is about 45 years later that we see the next mention of Tobias Gaylord this is through the writings of a traveling minstrel named Thad the Gallant. Thad the Gallant was popular in that he did not allow his performances to ever be recorded and that he could only be viewed and heard live. He had some sort of technology that he used to prevent even hidden cameras and microphones from working. Many would be thieves were rewarded with nothing, but static and a mocking laughter.

Thad mentions Tobias in an interview at New Burg's top news broadcast Fairly Accurate News or the FAN. The FAN is in fact a semi-intelligent AI leftover from before the first fall. Though it is capable of learning it has yet to reach what scientists consider sentience. The FAN was built in order to create an unbiased news system. It was lost during the Third Downfall. Though many of its databases were recovered the interview dictated below was amongst them.

“The FAN: In your music you often speak out against various beliefs that are common amongst denizens of Earth, what is it you personally believe? (His vagueness is actually a fault in his programming and not an attempt at subterfuge.)

Thad: I doubt you would be familiar with the teaching of Tobias Gaylord, but to put things bluntly I don't believe in this world.

The FAN: Your answer seems illogical. You do not believe in your own consciousness?

Thad: I believe that the perceived is merely the trappings of interpreted inputs. To tap into other inputs can cause other worlds to exist giving the perception of new trappings, but in actuality opening up the true reality. But a single consciousness is not capable nor able to do this. So, no I don't even believe in my own consciousness.

The FAN: What you say sounds like some sort of multiverse theory could you elaborate in order for me to compare this with other doctrines I have stored in my databases.

Thad: I thought this was supposed to be about my music? This goddamn interview is over. I've already said too much... Stop the fu...”

In fact there are several records of Thad's attempted lawsuits in order to have that interview removed from any and all records including the memory banks of the FAN. Thad actually found himself in financial ruin after years of fighting the FAN. He completely disappears from all records in the year 2410.

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