Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 11

So, I hope you are ready for part 11 because it is crazy and it is starting now. Enjoy!

Part 11.

As the water washed over him it burnt the torn flesh. He hardly felt the pain. His body was weak and numb. If he care more he would have probably gone to the hospital. But Marcus didn't care. Life hardly seemed worth living and he was finally going to get some answers. Turning off the water he jumped out of the shower and dried off. He put on his work clothes and walked over to the ax that he had gotten from the garage. Walking from the master bath to his bedroom and out into the hall. Marcus looked at the door. It seemed a waste that he was about to destroy it, but he was tired of not knowing.

The first crash did little more than dent the wood in the middle of the door. The second cut out a chunk between it and the first. Soon the wood was splintering in several places. Though Marcus was sweating and his forehead was bleeding again he did not stop. The door was thick. He was about an inch into it and his arms were burning. A few more strikes and he could tell it was weakening. Finally the ax got stuck as it broke through the door. Marcus put his eye up to the hole, but couldn't see anything. It was too small. He started again with the ax. The floor was thick with blood and splinters. It was a mess, but his goal was ever closer. Soon the hole was big enough that he could see what lied behind the door.

Looking into the hole Marcus saw a wall. Marcus started cutting at the door again, soon he was cutting at the far wall too. After a couple swats he could see through the wall. It led outside. He could see the yard and a tree that was growing to the side of the house.

Marcus dropped the ax. His hands were blistered and bleeding.

“It was just a door. It didn't go anywhere.” his dispair was evident. The gun was still on the floor. His eyes fell on it fully. As he bent over for the gun he caught himself watching the keyhole again. He forced himself to look away. His eyes closed he put the tip of the gun in his mouth.

It was cold and smooth. He could even taste the residue from when he had shot himself earlier. There was a little blood on the muzzle as well. He angle the pistol to the top of his skull. It was almost too big for his mouth. He gaged a little with it inside. He didn't know what to do with his tongue. It felt like it was in the way. He supposed that it didn't matter. So he felt the draw of the trigger. It was stiff. It took more effort than he had expected. The hammer fell. He heard it crack down against the pin. But nothing happened. Opening his eyes he saw the keyhole. It was glowing.

He took the gun out of his mouth. Placing it on the floor he went to the door and it opened. Inside he saw Mr. Blake's office.

“Your not really considering Marcus are you?” Thomas asked Mr. Blake. Thomas was sitting in a chair in front of Mr. Blake's desk. Mr. Blake leaned against the desk looking down his nose at Thomas.

“Of course not Thomas, but I have to make it appear that all candidates are considered and it always increases people's workloads when they think a promotion is on the line.” Mr. Blake said off-handedly.

“Mr. Blake, Thomas has done so much for this company. He deserves it so much more than I do.” Thomas was pleading with Mr. Blake.

“I'm sorry Thomas. This isn't up for discussion. You can pass on the promotion, but Marcus is best served where he is at now.” Mr. Blake turned his back to Thomas and went around the desk to his own seat. Laughing he looked at Thomas. “I've never had such a hard time convincing someone to make more money.”

The room changed it was the living room of the house. Abigail was sitting on the couch next to a man in silhouette. The man caressed her leg and she giggle with pleasure. Soon the man came into focus. It was Marcus. Moments later they were making love on the floor. Marcus remembered the night very well now that he saw it in the proper perspective.

Again the room faded out and changed. It was a waiting room. He instantly recognized it as the one from the earlier vision when he saw Abigail sitting there with Jenny.

“Marcus wouldn't understand.” Abigail said to Jenny there were tears in her eyes.

“He'd understand that you aren't ready to have a kid. You want to finish college first.” Jenny spoke comfortingly.

“No Jenny. I'm getting this abortion and Marcus must never know. He'd hate me forever if he knew. And I'm pretty sure he's the one. I just can't lose him. He can't know because I need him more than ever now.” They both were crying as the nurse came in the room and called Abigail's name. She went back and the vision faded.

Lastly a scene Marcus had not yet seen came into focus. It was the hallway and blood was everywhere. Splinters of wood littered the floor and on the ground was his body. The top of his skull was missing in its place was a pool of gray matter and skull fractures. Abigail was being held back by a paramedic. She was crying and Thomas was trying to comfort her. His face was stained with tears. They were both shaking with grief and Marcus couldn't take the visions anymore. He started towards the opening and fell into a brilliant light.

Opening his eyes he heard the hammer crack down onto the pin and felt fire in his mouth.

The End.

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