Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christian the Beast Pt. 2

Well, this one ended up being a pretty long one. I hope you enjoy this is Christian the Beast part 2.

Part 2.

Christian arrived at the rendezvous about an hour early. He took account of all quick exits and lazily leaned back once he was secure in the fact no one could sneak up on him. The first traveler arrived about thirty minutes early. Christian was actually kind of impressed. This traveler was male and the youngest of the group he had met the night before. The man was probably thirty-four years old. He had scruffy and a lighter shade than most hair. The hair hung down past his ears. His eyes were near black however. The eyes darted back and forth. He was obviously looking for some sort of ambush. Regretfully his senses were not so keen. He didn't even notice Christian in the windowsill only one story above his head.

Christian landed softly on the ground behind the man and quietly drew his dagger. He had a clawed hand on the mans chin and the dagger on his throat. Making the throat completely exposed to the blade. The man panicked and would have slit his own throat if Christian hadn't released him.

“Can't panic like that out in the wastes. You'll get us killed or at least yourself.” Christian laughed as he spoke. The man rubbed his neck as if he had been cut. Christian had not harmed the man in the slightest.

“You could have killed me. Why the hell did you do that?” the man eyed Christian suspiciously.

“I explained already. You act like that out in the wastes and you are dead. Go get the rest of your group. There are no traps waiting for you here at least.” Christian didn't give the man time to reply and bounded back up to the root tops.

The man left hesitantly and was even more cautious. Christian stayed visible till the man turned a corner out of sight. Once the man was gone Christian went into hiding yet again. A little while later the group showed up. Christian jumped down in front of them and gestured for silence. He then held out his hand for the payment. The handed him several pieces of electronics and mechanics. Being reasonably satisfied with the payment Christian turned around and started showing them to the trapdoor he had made. It was strange that the only thing that the various factions would both try and prevent was an escape. Apparently they wanted to keep everyone inside to kill or dominate.

The trapdoor was little more than a section of wall that he had made a removable beam for. Once the beam was taken out the section would fall about one foot from the wall and allow passage to the outside. Christian would then close the door and climb the shear wall before anyone could notice him. The group waited outside the wall as if frozen. Christian hated when they would just stand there. It left them exposed and the infected seemed to be drawn to fear. There were no nearby infect however. Christian had cleared the area before he met the group. It would be safe for at least another day. He waved them on and started towards his unmarked trail. It would be near dark once they reached the first safe house. He hoped they wouldn't make it without him getting to tear out at least one or two infected throats.

After an hour of nothing Christian's ears perked up to the sound of a distant rustling. He gestured for the group to stop. One started to open his mouth and Christian slapped his hand over the man's mouth. It was an experience he did not enjoy, but the groups always wanted to ask why they were stopping. A couple seconds later he heard the sound getting closer. It was now at a run. It could only be one thing if it was running towards them. Crouching down Christian drew out his dagger. In the other hand he had a chain with various bladed hooks on it. He started spinning the chain slowly and listened for the infected.

Bursting out of the trees the infected charged the woman nearest his entry into the clearing. Christian's chain went through the air and with a quick jerk had the infected's flesh hooked and pulled it off its feet. Once it was on the ground Christian pounced. His dagger stabbed the creature through the eye and his teeth tore into its throat. In the course of mere seconds Christian had the infected dispatched and cleaned his dagger. Once the chain was coiled again they were on their way. The entire group stared. He felt their eyes on him. It caused Christian to clean the flesh and blood from his mouth. He hated to lose the taste of the blood so soon, but the travelers were his number one priority and he didn't need any of their distractions.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully they had made it to the first of the seven safe houses between New Richmond and Liberty Village. The safe house was minimally furnished it had about three small mattresses on the floor. And some straw in the corners. The walls however were solid concrete and the single room safe house only had two entrances. A solid steel door and a solid steel hatch. Both of which Christian had made thick chain locks for. Nothing would get in, this however did not guarantee that the night would be without some noise. The infected loved to crash against the doors at night. Christian hoped that the group would get some sleep. Nothing was worse than exhausted humans. They would slow him down and endanger themselves. Once everyone was secure and laying down Christian went out the hatch. Locking it behind him he climbed the nearest tree and took watch. Slowly he allowed sleep to overcome him.

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