Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christian the Beast Pt. 1

So, we are starting a new story. I hope you enjoy this post-apocalyptic anti-hero. Christian the Beast as been sampled before here. It have thought about what direction I would take with his story for some time now and I feel that it will be a fairly simple one. I hope you all are not disappointed by it. Enjoy!

Christian the Beast

Christian laughed to himself as he watched the humans killing each other. Pushed to brink of extinction yet they still battled one another. Christian laughed again as blood dripped down his chin. The battle had been going on and off for days. It had driven most of the game away and drawn an inordinate amount of infected. But the humans ignored the infected as long as they were on the other side of a fence. Christian hated it inside the fences. The current territory he sat above was called New Virginia. He laughed at that though since it was actually only a small section of Richmond that had been recovered and re-purposed. New Virginia was experiencing its third civil conflict since the collapse. Christian always showed up when he heard gunfire however, because when humans fought it meant someone would want to flee. And that flight gave him the opportunity for work. Humans would trade all sorts of knick-knacks for safe travels outside their fences. Christian really had no use for them, but he enjoyed the excursions and it was fun making the humans squirm when they saw him.

It wasn't that Christian was ugly. In fact if he had a species he would probably be a fine specimen of them at their peak condition, but Christian had never met anyone else like himself. He was similar to both man and cat. He stood around 7ft fully erect, but his natural stance was a hunched nearly pouncing position. He could see in the dark though he did not see color. He could smell like an animal, yet he spoke like a man. His body was completely covered in red and blond hair. He was nearly orange at times. His ears were feline. His claws were definitely feline. And his teeth were used for tearing meat. He would eat grains on occasion and they work well enough, but he preferred raw flesh, much like the venison he was eating as he watched the battle below. It was then that he saw the signal.

Stalking silently through the streets he arrived at the gate where his charges awaited.

“Do you have the payment?” growled Christian from behind the group. They all jumped and spun around with weapons raised. Christian simply spread his hands in a gesture of submission. The group consisted of three men and a woman. The men were all in their mid thirties. The woman however was probably about twenty or twenty-two.

“Yeah we got your payment. Half now, half when we 'all' arrive safe at Liberty Village.” the man holding a weathered machete said. Despite his attempt at bravery in renegotiating the terms Christian could smell his fear. Christian however didn't care about the payment.

“Fine. We leave at first light before the fighting starts. Any of you are late and they get left. You leave precisely when I say or I leave you.” Christian jumped to the window about ten feet above them and was soon on the roofs before the group could protest.

Christian slept watching the stars. He had heard that before the infection happened you couldn't see the stars at night. Christian thought again and not for the last time that the infection was probably a good thing, but Christian didn't know anything before he woke up and the world was how it is now. Christian slept well despite the continued gunfire throughout the night.

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