Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Christian the Beast Pt. 2

Well, this one ended up being a pretty long one. I hope you enjoy this is Christian the Beast part 2.

Part 2.

Christian arrived at the rendezvous about an hour early. He took account of all quick exits and lazily leaned back once he was secure in the fact no one could sneak up on him. The first traveler arrived about thirty minutes early. Christian was actually kind of impressed. This traveler was male and the youngest of the group he had met the night before. The man was probably thirty-four years old. He had scruffy and a lighter shade than most hair. The hair hung down past his ears. His eyes were near black however. The eyes darted back and forth. He was obviously looking for some sort of ambush. Regretfully his senses were not so keen. He didn't even notice Christian in the windowsill only one story above his head.

Christian landed softly on the ground behind the man and quietly drew his dagger. He had a clawed hand on the mans chin and the dagger on his throat. Making the throat completely exposed to the blade. The man panicked and would have slit his own throat if Christian hadn't released him.

“Can't panic like that out in the wastes. You'll get us killed or at least yourself.” Christian laughed as he spoke. The man rubbed his neck as if he had been cut. Christian had not harmed the man in the slightest.

“You could have killed me. Why the hell did you do that?” the man eyed Christian suspiciously.

“I explained already. You act like that out in the wastes and you are dead. Go get the rest of your group. There are no traps waiting for you here at least.” Christian didn't give the man time to reply and bounded back up to the root tops.

The man left hesitantly and was even more cautious. Christian stayed visible till the man turned a corner out of sight. Once the man was gone Christian went into hiding yet again. A little while later the group showed up. Christian jumped down in front of them and gestured for silence. He then held out his hand for the payment. The handed him several pieces of electronics and mechanics. Being reasonably satisfied with the payment Christian turned around and started showing them to the trapdoor he had made. It was strange that the only thing that the various factions would both try and prevent was an escape. Apparently they wanted to keep everyone inside to kill or dominate.

The trapdoor was little more than a section of wall that he had made a removable beam for. Once the beam was taken out the section would fall about one foot from the wall and allow passage to the outside. Christian would then close the door and climb the shear wall before anyone could notice him. The group waited outside the wall as if frozen. Christian hated when they would just stand there. It left them exposed and the infected seemed to be drawn to fear. There were no nearby infect however. Christian had cleared the area before he met the group. It would be safe for at least another day. He waved them on and started towards his unmarked trail. It would be near dark once they reached the first safe house. He hoped they wouldn't make it without him getting to tear out at least one or two infected throats.

After an hour of nothing Christian's ears perked up to the sound of a distant rustling. He gestured for the group to stop. One started to open his mouth and Christian slapped his hand over the man's mouth. It was an experience he did not enjoy, but the groups always wanted to ask why they were stopping. A couple seconds later he heard the sound getting closer. It was now at a run. It could only be one thing if it was running towards them. Crouching down Christian drew out his dagger. In the other hand he had a chain with various bladed hooks on it. He started spinning the chain slowly and listened for the infected.

Bursting out of the trees the infected charged the woman nearest his entry into the clearing. Christian's chain went through the air and with a quick jerk had the infected's flesh hooked and pulled it off its feet. Once it was on the ground Christian pounced. His dagger stabbed the creature through the eye and his teeth tore into its throat. In the course of mere seconds Christian had the infected dispatched and cleaned his dagger. Once the chain was coiled again they were on their way. The entire group stared. He felt their eyes on him. It caused Christian to clean the flesh and blood from his mouth. He hated to lose the taste of the blood so soon, but the travelers were his number one priority and he didn't need any of their distractions.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully they had made it to the first of the seven safe houses between New Richmond and Liberty Village. The safe house was minimally furnished it had about three small mattresses on the floor. And some straw in the corners. The walls however were solid concrete and the single room safe house only had two entrances. A solid steel door and a solid steel hatch. Both of which Christian had made thick chain locks for. Nothing would get in, this however did not guarantee that the night would be without some noise. The infected loved to crash against the doors at night. Christian hoped that the group would get some sleep. Nothing was worse than exhausted humans. They would slow him down and endanger themselves. Once everyone was secure and laying down Christian went out the hatch. Locking it behind him he climbed the nearest tree and took watch. Slowly he allowed sleep to overcome him.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christian the Beast Pt. 1

So, we are starting a new story. I hope you enjoy this post-apocalyptic anti-hero. Christian the Beast as been sampled before here. It have thought about what direction I would take with his story for some time now and I feel that it will be a fairly simple one. I hope you all are not disappointed by it. Enjoy!

Christian the Beast

Christian laughed to himself as he watched the humans killing each other. Pushed to brink of extinction yet they still battled one another. Christian laughed again as blood dripped down his chin. The battle had been going on and off for days. It had driven most of the game away and drawn an inordinate amount of infected. But the humans ignored the infected as long as they were on the other side of a fence. Christian hated it inside the fences. The current territory he sat above was called New Virginia. He laughed at that though since it was actually only a small section of Richmond that had been recovered and re-purposed. New Virginia was experiencing its third civil conflict since the collapse. Christian always showed up when he heard gunfire however, because when humans fought it meant someone would want to flee. And that flight gave him the opportunity for work. Humans would trade all sorts of knick-knacks for safe travels outside their fences. Christian really had no use for them, but he enjoyed the excursions and it was fun making the humans squirm when they saw him.

It wasn't that Christian was ugly. In fact if he had a species he would probably be a fine specimen of them at their peak condition, but Christian had never met anyone else like himself. He was similar to both man and cat. He stood around 7ft fully erect, but his natural stance was a hunched nearly pouncing position. He could see in the dark though he did not see color. He could smell like an animal, yet he spoke like a man. His body was completely covered in red and blond hair. He was nearly orange at times. His ears were feline. His claws were definitely feline. And his teeth were used for tearing meat. He would eat grains on occasion and they work well enough, but he preferred raw flesh, much like the venison he was eating as he watched the battle below. It was then that he saw the signal.

Stalking silently through the streets he arrived at the gate where his charges awaited.

“Do you have the payment?” growled Christian from behind the group. They all jumped and spun around with weapons raised. Christian simply spread his hands in a gesture of submission. The group consisted of three men and a woman. The men were all in their mid thirties. The woman however was probably about twenty or twenty-two.

“Yeah we got your payment. Half now, half when we 'all' arrive safe at Liberty Village.” the man holding a weathered machete said. Despite his attempt at bravery in renegotiating the terms Christian could smell his fear. Christian however didn't care about the payment.

“Fine. We leave at first light before the fighting starts. Any of you are late and they get left. You leave precisely when I say or I leave you.” Christian jumped to the window about ten feet above them and was soon on the roofs before the group could protest.

Christian slept watching the stars. He had heard that before the infection happened you couldn't see the stars at night. Christian thought again and not for the last time that the infection was probably a good thing, but Christian didn't know anything before he woke up and the world was how it is now. Christian slept well despite the continued gunfire throughout the night.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 11

So, I hope you are ready for part 11 because it is crazy and it is starting now. Enjoy!

Part 11.

As the water washed over him it burnt the torn flesh. He hardly felt the pain. His body was weak and numb. If he care more he would have probably gone to the hospital. But Marcus didn't care. Life hardly seemed worth living and he was finally going to get some answers. Turning off the water he jumped out of the shower and dried off. He put on his work clothes and walked over to the ax that he had gotten from the garage. Walking from the master bath to his bedroom and out into the hall. Marcus looked at the door. It seemed a waste that he was about to destroy it, but he was tired of not knowing.

The first crash did little more than dent the wood in the middle of the door. The second cut out a chunk between it and the first. Soon the wood was splintering in several places. Though Marcus was sweating and his forehead was bleeding again he did not stop. The door was thick. He was about an inch into it and his arms were burning. A few more strikes and he could tell it was weakening. Finally the ax got stuck as it broke through the door. Marcus put his eye up to the hole, but couldn't see anything. It was too small. He started again with the ax. The floor was thick with blood and splinters. It was a mess, but his goal was ever closer. Soon the hole was big enough that he could see what lied behind the door.

Looking into the hole Marcus saw a wall. Marcus started cutting at the door again, soon he was cutting at the far wall too. After a couple swats he could see through the wall. It led outside. He could see the yard and a tree that was growing to the side of the house.

Marcus dropped the ax. His hands were blistered and bleeding.

“It was just a door. It didn't go anywhere.” his dispair was evident. The gun was still on the floor. His eyes fell on it fully. As he bent over for the gun he caught himself watching the keyhole again. He forced himself to look away. His eyes closed he put the tip of the gun in his mouth.

It was cold and smooth. He could even taste the residue from when he had shot himself earlier. There was a little blood on the muzzle as well. He angle the pistol to the top of his skull. It was almost too big for his mouth. He gaged a little with it inside. He didn't know what to do with his tongue. It felt like it was in the way. He supposed that it didn't matter. So he felt the draw of the trigger. It was stiff. It took more effort than he had expected. The hammer fell. He heard it crack down against the pin. But nothing happened. Opening his eyes he saw the keyhole. It was glowing.

He took the gun out of his mouth. Placing it on the floor he went to the door and it opened. Inside he saw Mr. Blake's office.

“Your not really considering Marcus are you?” Thomas asked Mr. Blake. Thomas was sitting in a chair in front of Mr. Blake's desk. Mr. Blake leaned against the desk looking down his nose at Thomas.

“Of course not Thomas, but I have to make it appear that all candidates are considered and it always increases people's workloads when they think a promotion is on the line.” Mr. Blake said off-handedly.

“Mr. Blake, Thomas has done so much for this company. He deserves it so much more than I do.” Thomas was pleading with Mr. Blake.

“I'm sorry Thomas. This isn't up for discussion. You can pass on the promotion, but Marcus is best served where he is at now.” Mr. Blake turned his back to Thomas and went around the desk to his own seat. Laughing he looked at Thomas. “I've never had such a hard time convincing someone to make more money.”

The room changed it was the living room of the house. Abigail was sitting on the couch next to a man in silhouette. The man caressed her leg and she giggle with pleasure. Soon the man came into focus. It was Marcus. Moments later they were making love on the floor. Marcus remembered the night very well now that he saw it in the proper perspective.

Again the room faded out and changed. It was a waiting room. He instantly recognized it as the one from the earlier vision when he saw Abigail sitting there with Jenny.

“Marcus wouldn't understand.” Abigail said to Jenny there were tears in her eyes.

“He'd understand that you aren't ready to have a kid. You want to finish college first.” Jenny spoke comfortingly.

“No Jenny. I'm getting this abortion and Marcus must never know. He'd hate me forever if he knew. And I'm pretty sure he's the one. I just can't lose him. He can't know because I need him more than ever now.” They both were crying as the nurse came in the room and called Abigail's name. She went back and the vision faded.

Lastly a scene Marcus had not yet seen came into focus. It was the hallway and blood was everywhere. Splinters of wood littered the floor and on the ground was his body. The top of his skull was missing in its place was a pool of gray matter and skull fractures. Abigail was being held back by a paramedic. She was crying and Thomas was trying to comfort her. His face was stained with tears. They were both shaking with grief and Marcus couldn't take the visions anymore. He started towards the opening and fell into a brilliant light.

Opening his eyes he heard the hammer crack down onto the pin and felt fire in his mouth.

The End.