Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sketch of the Week 10

Death stands guard without a word. Standing still as blood pours from his chest. In the blood you see the last moments of your life and are taken to your final resting place. Be it in Eternal Night or Eternal Day death does not judge he simply carries you on the path.
Inside us all the powers battle. Light and dark an eternal conflict. We can use our will to hold back our passions that will send us to destruction. Or perhaps we may bask in the primal pleasures of the physical calling death into our very selves. The choice is ours and ever rages on inside our very being. Hold tight to the will to be more than you are and grow in the light of the Eternal Day.
Light and Dark

 Well I suppose this post is rather religious in its nature, but that wasn't the original goal. I was actually gonna just use a picture of me to design a shirt on my white t-shirt. Instead I ended up setting my basement to look like some sort of dark murder cave. So, as you can tell that inspired a completely different route than originally intended. I hope at the very least it was enjoyed.

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