Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 8

Yet another exciting installment if I may say so myself. This one was quite fun to write and is thus far the longest entry yet for this story. It however should read rather quickly since it is actually one of the more action packed posts. But without further delay please enjoy this new episode of suspense and disaster.

Part 1.
Last Week.
Part 8.

As Marcus completed the work he knew it was finally ready. He had changed the entire design. Where once was a sunrise it was now a sunset. He didn't even know why it had been a sunrise before. It was always meant to set. That is how he had seen it in the sky only a few days ago.

So, when Thomas came up the stairs Marcus was waiting for him.

“Here it is. Everything is in order it will be ready for production by the end of the day. Several days ahead of schedule I'd like to remind you.” Marcus was confident in the work, however as Thomas looked it over Marcus' smile faded.

“You've changed everything. Almost reversed the entire design. Are you sure this is still what you want? I'm not so certain of it. It seems almost gloomy.” Thomas was being shrewd. He was simply surprised by the changes. He'll come around this piece was genius.

“It will be fine Thomas. Believe me I know design. This will be a bigger hit than the other one would have. And we don't have time for both. I say we do this one.” with a slap on the back and a laugh Marcus almost convinced himself, “Have I ever led you astray?” He knew the answer he made this company. Without him it would have closed years ago. So, he knew his vote of confidence would also push his shoe through. It would be produced by the thousands.

“I... I guess you're right. I never had the grasp on design you had. Thanks. I'm glad you are excited about this. You're even getting me excited. This will be good.” Thomas walked away. Marcus knew the next step it was very like old times. A design meeting would be called. During the meeting everyone would ooh and aah Marcus' work and then the team would put it out for the fabrication team and soon we would have them ready to sell and the company would profit.

This time however things didn't go according to history. Everyone looked at the shoe and visibly their excitement would lessen. Instead of complementing him they averted their eyes. It was all wrong. It was even worse when Mr. Blake walked in the room.

“I heard that Marcus was revealing our next blockbuster.” he walked up to the designs and looked at them then looked at Marcus. He looked back at the design and finally back at Marcus.

“What do you think Mr. Blake? Can we take it to production?” Thomas said the words from the doorway he was only just coming into the meeting room. He had a portfolio under his arm. Marcus knew what was in the portfolio.

“Um, Thomas I don't think this shoe will go to production. It has a sort of melancholy about it.” and then the room filled with voices of agreement. Many were apologetic as they looked to Marcus, but it was their overall concert of disinterest in producing that shoe.

“I was afraid that was how you would feel. So, undenounced to Marcus I worked on some of his preliminary designs for that shoe and I think these are production ready.” Thomas took out the pieces he had slipshod together. There was no art to them. It was simply a recreation of Marcus' own work. Some slight color changes a thinning of the star-burst and an angle loosened here while one was tightened there. Overall it was identical however. Mr. Blake smiled as he looked at the piece.

“Oh Marcus this is brilliant I have no idea why you change it.” Mr. Blake gave Marcus the credit, but that didn't matter he may not have even heard. Marcus was outraged that Thomas would reveal work he thought unworthy and had specifically set aside.

“You whimpering shit. I have worked above you like a god and you think you can take my leavings and use them to your own glorification. You think to have my wife, my career, my work. Well take it all you filthy whore. Maybe another day or two deep in Mr. Blake's asshole will get you another promotion.” Marcus didn't know what he was doing, 'I'm getting this abortion...' and her laughter filled his ears as he punched Thomas' surprised face. Thomas fell to the floor blood spilling on the gray carpet of the conference room. He saw the silhouette touching his wife's thigh. She giggled with heavy lust filled breath. Marcus managed to kick Thomas in the ribs before the others started pulling him off. They held him tightly yelling for him to stop. He couldn't hear them, 'I'm getting this abortion...' Everything went black when one of them clubbed him over the head.

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