Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 7

Well, this weeks post is pretty special to me. I really feel like the story just got some real traction. Things are going to move quite quickly here soon. I was wondering for a while if I hadn't accidentally started a novel instead of a short story, but no worries I see an ending on the horizon. I hope you enjoy this next installment.

Part 7.

Marcus fell to his knees. “I'm getting this abortion...” kept ringing in his ears. It was all he could hear. He felt sick and weak at the same time. She never even asked him. It was all he could do to stand. He walked to the bedroom. Abigail was sleeping soundly. A small smile on her face. Marcus ignored her as best he could. His grabbed his wallet and left.

“I'm getting this abortion... I'm getting this abortion...” it was on loop in his mind. All he heard the entire driving. Walking up the stairs to his office he was numb with it. His mind was lost to the power of those words. He of course was surprised when Thomas tapped on his shoulder.

“Hello Earth to Marcus. You awake man? I need to know where you are on those revisions. Remember I gave you a week. You need to have all the revisions ironed out by tomorrow if you hope to be ready in time.” Thomas almost sounded kind. Marcus didn't know if it was true or simply in his head it didn't matter.

“Yeah, the revisions. I'll have them ready tomorrow. Let me print a copy of what I have so far.” The copy printed and Thomas hardly seemed to notice how distant Marcus' voice was as he listened to the explanation of the revisions.

“Okay looks good to me. Remember I want this finalized tomorrow and ready to go to the rest of the team so that everything can be set by weeks end. These have to be done in time for our summer series launch.” Thomas walked out the room. Looking back he saw Marcus with head hung low, he did not stop.

The numbness continued throughout the rest of the day. His once bright and exciting project was now simply a tolerated diversion. His drive home was a blink of an eye. He didn't remember getting to his house. He didn't remember taking a chair upstairs. He didn't remember sitting in front of the door for hours.

“Marcus! What the hell are you doing?” Abigail was shaking him. She looked worried.

“Did you do it?” Marcus was blank faced he didn't even look at her.

“Do what? What is wrong? How long have you been here?” Abigail had genuine concern on her face. Marcus was finally gaining his wits. His legs were sore from sitting as he stood up next to his wife. Looking her in the face he saw her confusion.

“Did you really have an abortion? Was it mine?” Marcus looked at her. Her eyes grew with shock. She looked away. Her face grew red quickly and a tear formed and fell. Her knees gave out and she landed on the floor.

“How did you find out about the abortion?” she still didn't look at him. Marcus couldn't think of how to answer that particular question. He didn't think the door telling him was a plausible response.

“I heard you talking to Jen one time. I guess with my job stuff I thought it was time I found out.” Marcus knew it was a weak lie, but hoped it would suffice. She looked up at him. Her whole face and person was in disarray. Black eyeliner ran lines down her now rosy cheeks. Her eyes were filled with red lightning and swollen near closed. He wondered why he couldn't sympathize.

“I guess it doesn't matter. It was yours. I'm sorry. I didn't know if we would even stay together. I was just starting college. I had so many classes. I was working. It was all too much. I... I didn't tell you, because I didn't really even know you yet. We had only been dating a couple months.” she seemed genuine. Her pain was so real. The guilt must have grown for years. Yet he still couldn't sympathize. It was too hurtful a secret.

As Marcus packed his bag he faintly heard her pleas behind him.

“I just need some space. I can't believe you lied to me like this.” Marcus went outside and got in his car. As the engine started he felt something be left behind. He pulled the car out and drove away. The hotel down the street would have sufficed, but he had work to do. He parked outside the door, he didn't bother using an actual parking spot. As he walked up the stairs to his office he saw the sun setting in his mind and he knew what he had to do.

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