Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 6

Marcus is a lot like me. He thinks and reacts similarly to myself. Also, I can only remember things I don't want to and can't forget the things I want to. But I think he is probably much better at focusing than I am. I hope you enjoy todays piece.

Part 6.

The day went by like a blur. Thomas kept his distance and Marcus was too afraid to seek him out. Marcus didn't know what to think, the letter seemed sincere. On the drive home Marcus saw another sunset the sun seemed to be going away leaving nothing but darkness behind.

Abigail his dinner set when Marcus got home. It was a spread of leftovers. In every way Abigail lacked in domesticity, she more than made up for in personality. He remembered the first he saw her. He was waiting in line in the dormitory cafeteria. She was serving mashed potatoes. Or some sort of white sludge. Her hair was in a net yet it still shown a beautiful auburn. She was talking to another server about this book series. Some sort of knights and magic thing. She was glowing as she discussed the story. She didn't even notice Marcus, but he noticed her.

As they prepared for bed Marcus tried to remember the last time Abigail had read a book, he couldn't. How had he not noticed before. Marcus decided then and there he was gonna try and find Abigail a new book.

Hey babe, do you remember what that book series you were reading in college was called? The one with the knights and magic and stuff?” Marcus tried to make the question sound off-handed.

Um, let me think. That must have been the Mist Caller Chronicles. That's pretty random though. What brought that up?”

I was just thinking about the first time I saw you. I couldn't remember the name of the books you were talking about.”

Oh yeah. Those books were pretty lame in retrospective. Just some flimsy love triangle with really flat characters, but you know sometimes that stuff is nice.”

Marcus decided he wouldn't get her more of those books then. Obviously she didn't read those any more. Maybe he could get her those vampire books everyone was reading. She said she wanted to see the movies when they had come out. Marcus decided he'd check the book store on the way home tomorrow. It was time for bed.

As Marcus slept all he saw was the figure caressing Abigail's leg. And her laughter thick with sexuality chased him through the dreams. His alarm went off right as he was about to distinguish the figure. Showering and dressing had finally become mundane in the new house. He knew where everything was and there was no more searching required. He didn't even notice the door as he passed it. Going downstairs he went to the kitchen and put some waffles in the toaster. It was then that he noticed that he had forgotten his wallet.

I guess I haven't completely gotten used to this new routine.”

Walking up the stairs he watched the door as he ascended. A thin spray of light was coming out of the keyhole.

Not again. I'll ignore it.”

As he walked passed he heard Abigail's voice.

Marcus wouldn't understand.” The door was louder than usual. It was calling him.

Looking back Marcus couldn't stop. He had to see what this new mirage was. As the opening came into focus Marcus saw Abigail sitting in a waiting room. She looked much younger this must have taken place during college. Abigail's friend Jenny was holding Abigail comforting her. They were both crying.

He'd understand that you aren't ready to have a kid. You want to finish college first.” Jenny spoke comfortingly.

No Jenny. I'm getting this abortion and Marcus must never know.”

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