Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 5

 Wow, I really got into todays piece. I was writing it and went wow I just really screwed this story up didn't I. Then I decided, well this is what feels right so whatever. I hope you enjoy part 5.

Part 5.

As he pulled up to the factory Marcus noticed something strange. Thomas' car was there already. Marcus did not want this. He had planned to be alone a few more hours. There was nothing he could do now. Marcus parked in his usual spot and made for the side door he always used. Waiting at the door was Thomas.

“Hey, Marcus I am so glad you finally got here. Usually you're hear about twenty minutes earlier. 5:20 is late for you, but I suppose I can hardly complain.” Thomas struck his cigarette butt against the wall. Ash and sparks were tossed by a slight breeze. Though there was a garbage can right next to him Thomas threw the cigarette on the ground. It inflamed Marcus. “I'll be frank. I saw shoe. It is amazing. We'll do a couple tweaks I thought up and have it ready to start production in no time. I can't believe one day in this job and I already got a sure hit.” Thomas stopped after noticing Marcus' expression.

Marcus just looked at Thomas. He had stopped in his tracks as soon as Thomas mentioned the designs. This was all wrong. He had put them in his desk. This was a violation and beyond that he felt the design was being stolen from him. A few tweaks. That meant a slight measurement alteration and then both their names will appear on it. Thomas will probably even put his name first. It was too much and too soon.

“You touch a single thread on my designs and I will quit taking them with me. I have had it with your medaling. You haven't even designed one shoe that has sold higher than 5th in a year. Any designs that we collaborated on you sat in the back and watch as I did the real work. You are nothing more than an ass kissing dog who deserves to have his nose rubbed in some fresh shit he just left all over my lawn.” Marcus couldn't believe the words as he said them. Thomas stood their slightly agape. It was the first time Marcus had stood up to him. Marcus however was unsure which of them was more surprised.

“I had no idea you felt that way. So, I'm a dog am I? Well, this dog has teeth Marcus. You remember that. Go back to work. I want those designs production read in a week.” Thomas sneered as he spoke. His once shocked face was now cold hard vengeance.

Marcus knew he couldn't get the designs ready in a week, but what was he supposed to do. He knew he was over reacting. They had been friends hadn't they, but he couldn't get the image out of his head. The hand touching his wives thigh. Her giggling. It wasn't an innocent touch. He could tell he knew.

Arriving in his office he saw all the papers laying out on the table. There was a letter as well.


If I didn't catch you at the door I just wanted to tell you how amazed I am by your work. This piece will be more popular than any of the ones you've made before. But I guess I'm really writing to say I'm sorry. I know the promotion meant a lot to you. I shouldn't have even applied, but I really felt I needed to. I have always been in your shadow creatively. I just thought this was my big break. I was so worried when you left during my speech. And I went straight to your house. I waited till Abigale got home and I asked if she knew where you were. We were both kind of frightened. So, we waited. Neither of us ate or anything. We were so worried. Then when you got there you were so cold. I guess I was kind of a dick. I don't know. I guess I'm rambling now. The true point of this letter is to say I hope that we can still be friends. I hope it isn't weird for too long.

Your friend,

P.S. This really is a kick-ass design dude.

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