Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 4

As with Bleakman's Bog it gets easier and easier every part. This one was quite easy to write. I feel that I just follow Marcus and allow his perception of the world to lead the way. But, you are here to read about 'A Door into the Past' not my mindless ramblings.

Part 4.

As Marcus opened the door. He heard a conversation cut off mid-sentence.

“Oh Marcus. Thank God. We were so worried!” Abigale jumped from her seat. The action moved Thomas' hand from her thigh. Moving across the room she hugged Marcus tightly. “I'm so sorry about the promotion. Thomas told me everything. Where were you?”

“I'm sorry I worried you. I kind of needed time alone. I just sat by myself for awhile. I watched the sun go down it was quite beautiful.” stopping before he spoke about the new shoe design Marcus looked over at Thomas. “Sorry I didn't get to congratulate you. I was a little upset about my not getting promoted. I hope I didn't offend.”

“Of course not Marcus. I know how emotional you can get. It is fine. You missed some delicious cake though. And Debbie actually made a move on my. Can you believe it? Miss Unibrow thought I'd be interested.” Thomas laughed at his own joke.

“You know I've never been fond of you calling her that. She is incredibly nice.”

“Should have married her than and left Abby to me.” Thomas winked at them exaggeratedly. “Well, I better be going. Will you make it to work tomorrow Marcus?”

“Bright and early as always. You rarely beat me in. We'll see if this new station changes that.”

The tension was intense. Marcus felt a weight lifted once Thomas left. The cordiality was all a facade between them. Something had changed. Perhaps Marcus only just now saw Thomas for what he was. A bona-fide douche. Or perhaps his jealousy was getting away from him. It didn't matter. He should have been in bed hours ago.

He woke up before his alarm this morning. Marcus was excited about presenting his new shoe design. Getting ready was a breeze. The house was so quite. He noticed this as he walked over what was normally a very squeaky board. It was then that he heard Abigale giggle. But it wasn't from her bedroom. Marcus looked at the door to nowhere. He stepped closer, as if approaching a venomous snake. As he drew closer heard another voice. A male voice. He looked through the key hole again. It was his living room. He saw Abigale on the couch with a man. The man was, the man looked like, Marcus jumped back as his alarm started going off. Putting his eye back to the hole it was dark. Nothing was there. Marcus left the door. Walking back into the bedroom he turned off the alarm.

“Hey baby. You were already up?” Abigale looked at Marcus sleepily.

“Yeah, sorry if I woke you up. I forgot to turn it off.” Marcus looked at Abigale wearily.

“What's wrong Marcus? You still upset? You should call off. They don't even deserve your talent. Choosing Thomas over you. Can you believe it?” she said all the right things, but somehow the words were almost hollow to Marcus.

“Yeah, I'm still a little upset. But I think I'll be okay. I'll see you later.” Marcus kissed Abigale on the forehead and made way for the door.

That figure couldn't have been Thomas. He was touching her thigh. Holding it while he whispered and made Abigale laugh. As Marcus passed the door he thought he heard the giggle again, but he refused to stop. It was all a trick. It was stress based. Soon everything would be normal again.
Getting in his car Marcus made way the shoe factory. He would be there for even the janitors went home. He liked working in the calm. He would like the time alone.

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