Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 2

Welcome to my next installment. I hope you missed me. I know I missed you. Please enjoy my story! 

Check out last week first if you missed it.

Part 2.

Marcus was running late for work. It was uncommon for him, but the move had exhausted him more than he had expected. It was going to be another long day at the office and with the management position opening up his tardiness couldn't have come at a worse time. Walking towards the stairwell he heard something coming from the door to nowhere.

“Your not really considering Marcus are you?” the voice sounded like his buddy Thomas Shoemaker.
“Of course not Thomas, but I have to make it appear that all candidates are considered and it always increases people's workloads when they think a promotion is on the line.” that voice sounded like Mr. Blake the owner of Blake's Shoes.

Marcus stopped in his steps and walked up to the door. The voices laughed and Marcus put his eye to the key hole. He saw Mr. Blake leaning against his desk and...

“What are you doing Marcus? You're late remember?” Abigale asked.

Marcus nearly fell over he was so surprised.

“Um, sorry. I thought I had heard something coming from behind the door. I'll be on my way.” Marcus kissed his wife on the cheek and then leaned in for her lips. She pushed him away. “Love you darling.” Marcus ran out the door.

That evening Marcus tried to pry the door for the first time. He knew what he heard. He just couldn't believe it. It must be a trick of some sort. The door wouldn't budge. He tried even tried to saw between the frame and the door maybe to cut through the latch bolt. However it was too tight. Nothing availed him. He then realized Abigale would be home soon. He but his tools away. It was amazing that he hadn't somehow damaged the frame or door, but he assumed it must just be quality construction.

Abigale brought home Chinese. Marcus hated Chinese, but he tolerated it since it was his wife's favorite. The brushed their teeth, made love, and went to bed. This continued in a similar fashion for some time. The weekends usually involved little home improvement projects and more unpacking. But all the while nothing strange occurred. Eventually the words spoken by the door were forgotten.

“I would like to present the new creative director of Blake's Shoes a man who is all our friend and has been a invaluable asset to the company, Mr. Thomas Shoemaker.” Mr. Blake clapped Thomas on the shoulder as Thomas took his place in front of the small creative team.

Marcus sat in the back of the room. He was dumbfounded. It had been his designs that made the company successful. It had nearly gone bankrupt before he arrived. It was in that moment he remembered what he had saw and heard. Had the door warned him.

“I was as surprised as you all are. My shock was soon replaced with a firm belief that I didn't deserve this. I said why me? And Mister Blake looked at me and said, 'You applied for this now show me you're ready.' Well, Mister Blake today I would like to tell you I am ready. And I think that we are all ready. Because this would not have been possible without you all. Especially my good friend Marcus. Marcus we owe this all to you buddy. We might not even be here today without you.” the whole time Thomas smiled this putrid self-righteous smile. When his eyes landed on Marcus a bit of a sneer creep across his face.

Marcus felt sick. This was all wrong. Thomas continued to speak and laugh, but it was incoherent all Marcus could here was the conversation from the door. It was impossible, yet it had happened. There was something strange about that house. And Marcus was going to find out now.

Slamming his chair back against the wall he walked out of the office. He didn't even bother to punch-out. It didn't matter. They needed him. He was gone. He needed to know about the door. The door to nowhere.

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