Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Door into the Past Pt. 1

Greetings blog readers. As you can see we are starting a new story this week. I hope you all enjoyed Bleakman's Bog. I am going in a new direction with this story. It will be more realistic, but there will be some science fiction things coming into the story. As you can tell by the title and the labels I am dealing with time travel. However, I feel that I will be dealing with it in a fairly unique way. Without further delay. Here is the newest story for Imaginary Ramblings!

A Door into the Past
Matthew Jones

“As you can see here the wood floor is original and has been kept in impeccable condition.” Susan was showing the house for the fourth time. She new the house from top to bottom and could answer nearly every question.

“What about right here? These scuff marks in front of the door.” Marcus reached for the door. It was locked. “Hey what's in here?”

Those were the two questions every person asked. Yet, she still had no answer. Every locksmith they had hired failed or quit. They tried forcing it, but it was just too sturdy. Short of ripping it out of the wall they had tried everything. And the scuff marks were a mystery as well. The man who had owned the house before was very strange, but other than someone sitting in that spot in front of the door there was no other explanation.

“The scuff marks appear to be from a chair. The door however as far as the floor plans are concerned goes nowhere. Since as you know the last owner committed suicide two years ago we could not ask him.” Susan Cage looked at the couple hopefully. This answer was usually where people decided this house was too old, scary, rundown or whatever other excuse they could come up with.

“A decorative door how quaint. Don't you think so Marcus?” Abigale Pierce the wife or Marcus Pierce always preferred to look on the bright side.

When they had seen the house and how little was being asked for it. They immediately called the agent. Once they were told the owner had committed suicide Abigale looked at Marcus and said 'At least it got us a lower price.'

“I suppose we can ignore the nowhere door. However, these scuffs on the floor are quite an eyesore and located right across from the master bedroom.” Marcus ever the deal maker tried every angle he could use to lower a price.

“Yes, of course. Let's go and see the master bath. It is absolutely lovely.”

The deal was struck a beautiful home with new owners. After a couple months all the loans and paperwork went through. Finally they would be home. Marcus and Abigale walked into their new home. A feeling of achievement rushed over the both of them. As they made love the warm wood floors felt more like home than ever.

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