Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bleakman's Bog Pt. 9

Well, we have had a long journey together and I feel like this has been a true adventure. I hope you grew and enjoyed along my side. Without further rambling here is the finale of Bleakman's Bog.

The First Part. Last Week.
The Finale

The end had finally arrived. All these years of waiting.
“Golem grab Duncan and drag him down to the cellar.” Anne's lips smiled sweetly.
Olga finally had her wish. Olga's revenge would be complete. Using Anne's fingers Olga caressed the worn and tattered lace. A crash came from the steps as Duncan landed on the floor. Olga stood over him Thomas and her body to her back.
“Release her... Please, I give up. Just release my wife and child.” Duncan could barely speak the words were nothing but a whisper.
Dennis pulled Duncan to his feet and held him arms bound by the golem's unnatural strength.
“Oh, Hanna. Sure as a final favor. Hanna come to me!” Anne's lips twisted in a wicked smile.
Hanna stepped carefully down the steps. Shyly she approached the witch in Anne's body. Her eyes were cast down.
“Hanna look your father has come to exchange his life for your own. How about you give your father a hug. Thank him like a good girl.” Olga was feeling excitement like never before.
Hanna embrace her father. Her chains clanging together. The witch looked at Dennis and with nothing, but a nod and a thought Dennis let go of Duncan and ripped Hanna's head right off. A shrill sound spread through the air. Darkness started to stream from the open wound and filled the air. It traveled finally to land in Anne's hand. Hanna's body fell and the darkness leg disappeared.
Duncan stared in shock and horror.
“That was so much more satisfying. The first time I killed her you were unconscious. Though to be precise I did not kill her this time. She was already dead. However, in your eyes I see that there was little difference.” Anne's face nearly glowed with joy.
“Why are you doing this? Just kill me already.” Duncan could barely stand his body hung like a scarecrow.
“Why? That is a good question. Perhaps I will tell you in the afterlife, if I ever die.” she smiled to herself. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of answers. “Dennis my dear. Please place Duncan before Thomas.”
Roughly Dennis force Duncan onto his knees in front of the perfectly preserved and repaired Thomas Bleakman.
“It takes a tremendous amount of energy to bring a soul back. I will be using every once of your life force to return Thomas to his rightful place by my side. I will then leave your Anne's body. She will die. Perhaps you will find each other in the afterlife. I sincerely hope you don't.”
Suddenly she clapped her hands together. Dennis' body fell to the ground. The light started to gather into Anne's hands. The energy left every stone and corner of the room. What was once the center of life was now as dead and dark as the rest of the bog. Anne's body glowed with brilliant light. It was tearing at her flash. Walking up to Dennis he looked her in the eyes. Tears were falling now, both their eyes were wet. Her hands burned as they grasped either side of his head. He felt the life draining out of him. He felt it streaming through him. He felt something. Something kind.
“Who are you?” a voice asked.
The pain was too much Duncan could not answer.
“I should have known. I am sorry.”
The essence was gone. So was the energy. So was everything.

Opening his eyes Thomas looked on the primal plane for the first time in years. He recognized the room. Though it was in very bad shape. He did not recognize the woman standing before him.
“Thomas, oh my Thomas I have waited so long for you.”
The vengeance had run its course. Suddenly Olga's body began to spasm with black smoke and blood spurted from every orifice. Anne's body began to do the same.
“Thomas, help me Thomas. What is happening?”
“Oh, my dear Olga. Vengeance requires a fee. I fear that you are the price it requires.“
“How can you just sit there and watch... I am dying Thomas.”
“My dear. There is nothing I can do. If you had not asked for this thing. Perhaps we could have spent many years together in the beyond, but I fear your soul is tainted. You will not be welcome. It pains me do much. You should not have brought me back.”
Anne's body drew its last breath and they both lay there dead. Olga's soul passed to the lands of darkness eternal. Thomas felt her go beyond his touch. His tears were sincere, though his heart did not know the soul that had passed it was so fouled by Vengeance. Thomas also felt Duncan, Dennis, Anne, and Hanna. With a slight push of his power he nudged them towards their final resting. The light was beautiful. Thomas smiled and walked up the rotten steps of his old home.
Looking out the door her saw a glimpse of the sun through the now dissipating mists. Stepping out of the house he pushed his power ever so slightly. With each step the gray became green. Thomas Bleakman smiled and whistled a jovial song that hadn't been heard for years. His steps had a spring in them. The sky cleared more with each step. And soon even the trees started to get green buds on them.

Thomas Bleakman was not a cold hearted man. He felt the weight of all that had transpired. It was simply a question of time. He had no time to mourn. A lifetime was a short thing. Even for someone who has already lived one.

The End 

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