Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bleakman's Bog Pt. 5

I'm sorry I didn't post last week. It just so happens that Twisted Metal and Valentine's Day fell on Tuesday. So, I was otherwise indisposed.I hope you enjoy this next part I did something exciting at the end, but no peeking, okay?

Part 1.
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Part 4.
Part 5 starts now.

Anna's body was on Dennis in seconds wrapping bone like fingers around his throat. However the grip was weak and was not having the intended effect.
“I no more killed Hanna than Duncan did! You ever mention that name again I will eat your tongue!” snarled the hag.
“So, she killed Han... your daughter?” Dennis asked looking the witch in her hollow gray eyes.
“Anne is through talking to you. She has had quite enough freedom for now. But what to do with you? You are inedible and quite the nuisance. I suppose you can serve some use however.” her lips curled into a cracked and cruel smile.
“You won't wi...” a single claw racked across his throat.

The mists were bearing him along like a calm river. Dennis had never known them to ask thus. It was as if they pulled him towards someone or something. He couldn't resist. He didn't want to.
As the mists bore him along he began to make out a shape. The shape soon become and man riding a horse. When he saw the man's one crippled leg he thought he knew him.
“Dennis, Dennis is that you?”
His hands curled around a knife. He had to kill this man. He couldn't resist. He didn't want to. He just wanted to rest.
With a strength he did not know he had he jumped and knocked the man from his horse. However the man blocked the knife that was aimed for his heart. Rolling in the mud and filth of the bog they startled the horse into flight.
Dennis was so tired. His hands still held the knife and the man was bleeding on him.

Duncan was surprised to see Dennis walking towards him. But something was wrong Dennis was covered in blood. It seemed to come from his throat, but the mists were moving so rapidly it was hard to make out details.
“Dennis, Dennis is that you?”
Duncan was surprised to see the knife and Dennis spring forward as if in flight. It was all Duncan could do to knock the blade aside. Soon they were on the ground. A jumbled mess writhing in the mud and filth. The blade however hadn't completely missed its mark. Duncan felt the hot blood dripping from his side and he felt wetness in his breath.
He wasn't going to die. Not here, not when he was finally going to set things right.

Dennis felt the warmth of the man's blood on him. It felt amazing. Perhaps he wasn't so tired after all. He felt invigorated. He wanted to kill this man. He couldn't stop.
Dennis' new strength was turning the brawl in his favor. Soon the man was on his back as Dennis sat atop him.
“Dennis not like this. Dennis you are stronger than her.” the man pleaded as Dennis pressed the knife closer and closer to the man's throat. “It's me Duncan.. umph... Don't you remember me somewhere in there?”
For a second Dennis knew the man. It was Duncan. He had so much he needed to tell Duncan. But the blood was so warm. It smelled like life itself. A bit had even made it into his mouth. It was delicious.

The witch sat with a full stomach watching her boys roll in the mud. It was such a delight to see. She still felt the child squirming inside. It was always best when they still moved. Though the child would be dead shortly. Suffocation felt so satisfying. And when a plan goes according to plan that is also so Satisfying. The witch felt like she could dance. Such joy she hadn't felt since the night she took her current body.
“Duncan is coming. He'll forgive me.” Anne whispered in a brief moment of sanity.
“He can't forgive someone who devoured his daughter so readily.” this was a game the witch also liked to play. Tonight has been a good night.

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