Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Real Than Reality Pt 5

**Well I messed up and posted two sections in one post. So, here is Pt 5 the finale of More Real than Reality.**

Sept. 20th - Present day (My Experience)
After Darius had visited with his doctor I read the notes and saw that Darius had given up and was ready to die. It pained me so much to read those words and I determined I would visit him that night for the first time as myself. After hours I sneaked in using my clearance cards and did not meet with any problems on my way in. Since, it was after hours I could not check out any medications without drawing attention to myself. Upon entering the room he saw me and was stricken with fear. I allowed my hair to go down hoping he would recognize me. The closer I drew the more fearful he looked. But I couldn't stand being away from him any longer and I wrapped my arms around him holding him close.
“Wake up my love.” I whispered into his ear desperately.
I felt warm fluid flowing onto my arms. I looked down and found myself covered in his blood. Startled I stood up and jumped back a step. He fell over unable to support his own shriveled torso. All disgust I felt left me as I dove to catch him. I pulled him up and he began to bleed from every place that I touched, as if my touch was tearing him flesh. The blood just keeps pouring out and the look of terror was still covering the face of my lover. He looked up and his eyes opened as if just waking up. He looked into my eyes, but the horror remained. His cracked and chapped lips voiced one faint and final complaint that haunts me to this day, “It was all a dream?” His eyes glazed over once more, but now they contained no life. His body was covered in blood yet contained no wounds. As if he was mauled to death by my tender touches. Taking Darius' journal I fled the facility weeping and was hardly able to compose myself at the check points on my way out.
Dawn came and I arrived for my scheduled shift, playing oblivious. By this time they were already preparing to take him away to the morgue. I worked my way to the loading area and was stopped by armed soldiers. There I saw the reporter being interrogated by an officer holding out a recorder, it looked like he was yelling. I knew it had information on Darius and I wanted it terribly. I heard a scream from the dock. I noticed that all the soldiers looked obviously nervous. They all went to attention as one began to walk towards the door to check the noise. There was a gunshot and then another scream. As the soldier slowly opened the door a bloody figure dove onto him pushing him to the floor. The figure ripped out the soldiers neck with its teeth. It was then that I realized the figure used to be my love. It's skin was a sickly shade of green and the eyes were milky white. There was a bloody hole in it's chest, yet it didn't bleed. Suddenly the entire facility seemed to burst into action. No one fired because of their allies that were in the throng. The moan filled the room as they began to beat the body of my lover. Hardly able to pull my eyes away I formulated a plan. Since, everyone was distracted I went and got the tapes that were on the table in front of the handcuffed reporter. I merely said that his story would be heard as I passed her. I looked into the other room to see that the door was opened again this time two other bloody figures that were wearing bio-hazard suits were coming through. They fell upon the closest of soldiers that were beating the body of my lover. I no longer heard Darius' unique groan. I knew he must finally be at rest. I made my way out of the facility and took off. I was a thief they would connect me to Darius' death and I was terrified that I was witnessing the end of the world.
Things got really bad fast. Over half of the near two hundred other cases went as badly as Darius' and the disease spread. Shortly after things got real bad here in the states, an international anti-American terrorist group claimed responsibility, but also claimed they had warned the US government on how to deal with the situation and that it was our arrogance that had caused our current situation. They had miscalculated though because their lesson became a pandemic. And by the first anniversary of Darius' turn half the world was infected. By the second anniversary they were no longer making any statistics on the pandemic. And now on the third anniversary I write his memoir on a mountain refuge overlooking a writhing sea of flesh. I don't know the story of the other two hundred that were unwitting pawns in this game of hate, but I know his for in his life I was his lover, his healer, and his death.

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