Monday, August 8, 2011

More Real Than Reality Pt 4

September 21st (The Recorded Reports of Kristine Stenger)
“Darius Shackles was found dead this morning in his cell. According to my informant he was smiling. His eyes were wide with pain and fear and he had blood all over him. All the blood was his, yet he had no open wounds. It appeared that he bled out from his pores except they formed patterns like cuts and tears. After looking into insanity related cases, where the person had been abducted in the last month, I found that there have been nearly two hundred nation wide. The government has tried to keep it under warps, but I have found evidence from local sources at 12 of the locations that the government has had a hand in the case. I don't know what is going on, but I fear it is some kind of terrorist attack, possible some form of biological warfare.” her voice is frightened, for once she sounds like she has bitten off more than she wants.
There is silence for several seconds. “I was told that Darius' body will be shipped to a morgue where the reason for his death can be identified and he will then be incinerated most likely. There is a bio-safety dome set up around the ambulance dock where it is assumed he will be transported from.” she is interrupted by a stern voice.
“What are you doing here, give me some identification?” the rigid voice sounds of military origin.
“I'm sorry I was just leaving. I just finished visiting my father, I like to record our conversations.” she isn't a very good liar and it is evident by pauses and cracks in he voice as she attempts to weave her tale.
There is a scuffle against the microphone. “I'll take that and I'm going to have to take any cassettes you have with you. And then we'll take you in to be processed.” his voice did not crack once, nor did it slow. It was robotic, and rehearsed sounding.
The recorder is shut off and is the last of the information on Darius Shackles. Now I will tell you the rest of his story as well as the connections that are made to his past.

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