Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Holy One

I had a third dream that takes my breath away even now.
On a bridge I walked.
It seemed like it was endless as I could not see either end.
Looking down to the depths below a glowing redness was obscured by a terrible mist.
On this path that I knew not the beginning nor the end I saw that I was not alone.
There were other souls walking ahead without notice of one another.
Their eyes were glossed over as if under a spell.
I then looked up above me to see the clearest sky.
It shone with the brilliance of dawn but it was perpetual and touched each corner of the sky.
The bridges construction was unknown to me.
It appeared to be made of a metal that consisted of a luminescent gray.
There were no supports in sight.
It had no rails, and was about as wide as a river.
There were curves in it.
It wound through the sky like a snake.
Seeing its side I saw that it was no more than a hand's width thick.
It had to be supported at the ends, I concluded.
I continued to walk hoping to reach the end and seek out answers concerning this marvel.
I then heard the first scream as my thoughts turned outward.
All around me the sleep walkers awoke.
And as they awoke they were suddenly jerked off the bridge down to the depths below.
A smoke began to fill the air as more and more souls were torn into its depths.
I finally took notice after what seemed hours that I was totally alone.
The bridge was empty.
And so I walked.
I know not how long I walked.
It seemed an eternity.
Finally I glimpsed it.
The end of the bridge.
I was overpowered by fatigue and had to sit.
As I sat a man appeared at my side.
His face was kindly but inhuman.
Not that it was grotesque but in fact it was too pristine.
Then his voice reached my ears no more than a whisper yet melodic like the sweetest sound.
"Why have you arrived alone?" he asked me, his eyes were now quite sad.
"I gave you all the tools you needed to bring the whole world here. You are unworthy of your station."
I then fell to my face kissing his feet, but he was no longer there.
In fact I was the one moved.
Standing up I felt the pain of a thousand needles.
The air itself was like razors that cut me with every breath.
There was seemly no temperature yet I found that too be the most uncomfortable aspect of it.
Soon I felt despaired and realized I was in the red place.
I was below the bridge.
I had failed the journey.
A hunger began to grow in my stomach and I decided to search out food.
I noticed a forest not far away and began to walk towards it.
The whisper then reached me even here, "What of your hunger? Your thirst? Why do you who ignored the needs of others deserve to feast and drink?"
The forest was then replaced with an endless red desert.
I then noticed a rising sun and a heat began to come over me greater than I had ever known before.
My eyes caught sight of some crags that would offer shade.
Walking towards them his voice returned yet again, "Comforts and pleasures were offered to you a plenty. Yet, you never offered them to others you never spread the words."
The crags were gone and I was left alone.
The desert spread in every direction and the heat stifled the processes of my mind.
Finally in a stupefied exhaustion I yelled to the winds, "What are the words I should spread?"
When I awoke my bed was drenched in sweat and stained red with a sand like material.
In my hand I held a scroll.
I cracked it open to see on it were written words of great power and guidance.

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