Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Great War

I had another dream. But I know not from whence it came.
I was in the Great War fighting along side my brothers.
I was not a child but a man. Full grown and battle weary.
Our base was set up in a little village that had greeted us with open arms.
They sang our praises and called us their saviors from the enemy.
As I walked through soot stained streets where blood and ash mixed in the muddy waters.
I saw the dead stacked up in burning mounds that stank and stung the eyes.
At the end of the avenue I came to our palace.
We had taken the enemy's lair as our base of operations.
But as I got closer I began to notice a sound.
Not just a sound but many noises accosted my ears.
I soon realized they were screams and wails as if from a great agony.
They were the voices of women.
Opening the doors into the great hall the floors were writhing with bodies.
Soldiers beat and raped women all around.
The women's howls nearly deafening me.
At knife and gun point the men held them.
Thrusting with reckless abandon.
I was now just a boy again.
Standing powerless as the men ripped into their victims.
I tried to pry one of them apart pleading for him to stop.
Their flesh however was united.
Fused as if they were of one body.
I soon realized all of them were connected.
They were a single mass of melted flesh that thrashed all around me.
Then suddenly it stopped moving.
The screams stopped and the women stood.
Their stomachs beginning to bulge out.
Their breasts became plump and bloated with milk.
In a unanimous motion the males gutted the swollen wombs.
Reaching crooked claws inside they drew out the young and dashed them to the floor.
My breath caught and I fell to my knees.
The floor was now crimson as the bodies of the women fell into pools of their own blood.
I cried and closed my eyes.
What did this mean?
"Where has honor gone?" came a tiny thin voice to my sore ears.
My eyes opened to find a small child holding one of the women's hands.
It was pale like new snow in his trembling fingers.
I went for the boy to hold him and he turned to dust in my arms.
I awoke again this time covered in ash.
My blankets had burnt away without leaving a mark on myself.

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