Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sun that I so Dearly Miss.

The Sun that I so Dearly Miss
A Scholarly Study
Lyonel Krist

Entry 1:

Walking to the Cowardly Inn through the forlorn town of Bristlespun I happened upon a tall pale gentleman by the name of Hestus Dilectus, he was a Dykorian, Unlike the majority of his kind he was an intellectual. I know not why but we began talking and I followed him out to a field on the edge of town. There we pondered for many hours about the mysteries of the universe and how there are many lights in the sky, but only one gives off any significant amount of light. This is of course besides the moon. Talking and staring up at the glittering night sky we talked about some of the Astronomy we had learned from books and scholars we had met in our travels. We discussed the constellations and how we use them as a means of discerning direction at night. We discussed all these things until my new friend Hestus Dilectus got up and walked away without a word. I watched him go and wondered if I had somehow offended him. I just shook my head at his rudeness and walked back to the Cowardly Inn.

I slept till the sun crested the Icefjord mountains and gave light to the village of Brsitlespun. And upon my waking I made my way outside to see if I might bump into Hestus again. It was at that time I saw a great deal of commotion on the edge of town. People were gathered around some sort of pole that was sticking out of the ground. Once I had grown closer I realized there was a charred corpse on the ground facing the sunrise. On the ground next to this corpse was a note with my name written on it.

I made a friend in you last night. I did not think it possible. Since, I was there to kill you and eat your flesh, but instead you befriended me and made my cold dead heart yearn for the sun that I so dearly miss. Thank you sir.
Hestus Dilectus"

I was befuddled to say the least what sort of man seeks out the flesh of the living and bursts into flame upon envisioning the sun. I heard whispers of Vrykolaka. I had heard of them. Creatures that ravaged the land during the Dark Years, but I didn't realize any had survived. And it was always taught that the creatures were mindless and unable to speak.

I fear that I have no choice but to pursue further study. Let us hope that I can keep myself safe from the beasts that have my spirit so enthralled. I am sending this entry a head so that if I fall during my studies they can be continued by another.

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