Sunday, May 15, 2011

In the Valley of Tam'Weht

It was a dark dawn as the good king Van Boldstein laid in his death bed. The people of Tam'Weht knew that soon the Darkness would return. Those that were brave and strong had long ago traversed the Mountains of Vatlasion to the far away and heavily defended kingdoms of Hannat'Jo and Hantielan. However those who stayed were either too foolhardy or unconcerned with life or death to put forth the effort of leaving. They knew that once the Darkness returned neither wall nor sword would offer defense. And death would only give a momentary reprieve before their true torture began.

And so the dark dawn gave forth king Van Boldstein's last breath. His body going cold and his spirit joining the many good kings that had passed before him. The specters immediately began to crawl forth from the shadows in which they had been bound. Screams could be heard across the valley. Those with a particular fondness of the vice sloth sat at the bars drinking their fill knowing they wouldn't pay the tab in this life. Cold fingers tore out warm blood pumping hearts. The Darkness spread encompassing all that was considered part of the Valley of Tam'Weht. The people fell to the ground as cold rotting things. Yet still wails of agony were heard from the valley.

Shortly after the land fell the kingdoms of Kerstok and Ve'Glest arrived hoping to offer aid and support. However Tam'Weht was preventing them from gaining access. It was as if the land itself was trying to deal with the Darkness that took over in the king's place. And so the other lands stood by awaiting the end result. No one had known what Tam'Weht was like before the Darkness was first expelled and no one knew if they would see the valley free of the Darkness again.

A hush of anticipation was over the land that surrounded Tam'Weht, but they soon forgot about the little valley. Roads were built around it. Children were told stories of the evil specters that will take your soul and torture it. And the world revolved and evolved. Yet still that valley sat beneath the Mountains of Vatlasion.

A wall was built. It grew tall and many forgot what was behind the wall. Soon, all forgot about the bedtime stories that would scare small children. Yet, even though man had grown and forgotten that small secluded valley. Still it sat under the Mountain of Vatlasion. It waited there until it could overcome the Darkness alone, and perhaps it never will. Though I tell you the truth this day. If Tam'Weht had let aid come to it, had it stood ready to fight the specters of the Darkness, than it would not have walls built around it today. It would be remembered and would be an important part of our future and past. Alone it was forgotten.

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