Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day the Dawn of Terror

"Everyone though that the tradition to get wasted and pinching people for not wearing green happened as part of a strange evolution for the holiday St. Patrick's day, but in actuality it was all designed to appease one damn ugly zombie demi-god. St. Patrick's Day the Dawn of Terror!"

"Today is the day after St. Patrick's day in the year 2022. With the second prohibition and new alcohol nazi bots. Alcohol has finally been knocked out of existence. We all thought it was a good thing, until he awoke. Without the offering of poor life choices and groping masked as pinches the zombie demi-god was not appeased and his rage knows no bounds. St. Patrick's Day the Dawn of Terror!"

"Just when you thought it was safe to be sober. St. Patrick's Day the Dawn of Terror!"

"One college town is about to find out that alcohol was the only thing protecting them from annihilation. St. Patrick's Day the Dawn of Terror!"

"From the creators of such films as 'Easter Egg Hunt: Bad Egg,' 'Twas the Night before Slaughter,' 'Jack O'Lantern Bury Me Slowly,' and the award winning blockbuster 'Here's My Heart Now I'll Stab You With It,' comes the newest master piece of holiday terror 'St. Patrick's Day the Dawn of Terror!' With more gore. More gratuitous nudity. And more f*#%ed up ways to dismember the human body."

Sorry I was thinking about how funny it would be if St. Patty was a zombie demi-god that wanted to eat all of mankind, but our yearly dinge drinking actually somehow protected us from his wrath. So, it was a silly little movie teaser post. Thanks for reading Happy Hour After St. Patty's Day!!!.

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